Someone asked “why?”,

These laughs never pacify,
Making you always spry,
Wrath surfaced by,
Cursing facing the sky,
Oh Death thou shall die,
Came the reply,
With a deep sigh,
Behind the mask, the true colors go by,
All those truths are mere lie,
Confidence hiding the shy,
Those laughs gagging the cry,
Who enjoys watery eye?
Forever a mask to hide and fly.

Behind the mask there is nothing by far,
Happiness is at bar,
Feeling dead, make feel at mass,
Behind the mask, everything is falling apart,
Treacherous but Treasured past,
And unwelcomed new starts,
Muffled cries from broken heart,
Like a sweet tart,
Soul ripped open, ajar,
Darkness consumed, when you part,
Entirety lost its spark,
Order of the Purple Heart.
Pretending is an art,
To hide the past,
This face has thousand masks,
Haunted by that twinkling star,
And Behind the mask it's pitch dark.

- Twinkle Sugandha Varshney

Note: All Rights are reserved with the Author. Do not Copy, use, reproduce in any manner without permission from Author.
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