Seventh Wonder By Renae Kelleigh

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Title:  Seventh Wonder 
  Author:  Renae Kelleigh 
  Genre:  Contemporary Romance 18+ 
  Publication Date:  December 16, 2014    

~  Synopsis ~

June 1969 - Meg Lowry, with a cadre of her friends from UC Berkley, is speeding toward Grand Canyon National Park and their very last summer break. At least she THINKS they're friends - in the first days of their final farewell to the innocence of young adulthood, she wonders whether she has ever felt more alone. Little does she know how close she stands to the brink of an all-new chapter of her life that will prominently feature one all-new character.
John Stovall is an artist of minor note and modest aspiration. His presence at the Canyon is for an entirely different reason and under drastically different circumstances. He doesn't have much interest in either establishing new or retaining old characters in his story - yet he is about to discover that, at times, one has little to say about such things.
Can two people on such dramatically different paths find their way to each other? Even when a frightening new event threatens to tear the delicate fabric of their relationship, will they accept that love - true love - can sometimes conquer all?Seventh Wonder

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Thankfully, it was Meg who answered with a hushed hello.
   “I didn’t wake you, did I?” he asked, unable to keep the smile from his face.  Hearing her voice lifted an incredible weight from his shoulders, one he hadn’t even realized existed until it very quickly evaporated.
   “I hoped it was you,” she replied.  “And no, you didn’t wake me.  I just got into bed.”
   “You’re lying in bed right now?”
   “I am, yes.”
   Had her voice grown huskier, or was it just his imagination?
   "What are you wearing?” he asked.  He fought to keep his tone light, even though he felt strangled by the mere thought of her tangled in sheets that undoubtedly smelled as sweet as she did.  He couldn’t be certain she still thought of him the way he thought of her.
   “My nightgown,” she said.
   John swallowed before dropping his voice an octave.  “What about underneath your nightgown?” he countered.
   “Nothing at all.”  This time there was no mistaking the sultriness of her voice.
   He shifted uncomfortably, crossing one ankle over the other.  Clearing his throat he said, “There are plenty of directions I’d like to take this conversation, but I’d better not.”
   “Why not?”
   He chuckled as he slid a hand across the top of his head, shaking it in disbelief.  “Because I’m not there, and you’re not here.  I want to touch you, but I can’t.”
   “I can touch myself though.”  Her voice was so quiet as to be almost inaudible.
   John felt the beginnings of an especially painful ache spreading from the base of his skull and wondered if it was possible for someone to have an aneurysm on the basis of unspent sexual frustration alone.  “Yes,” he breathed.  “You can.”
   “I do sometimes, you know.”
   He squeezed his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose.  Envisioning her with her nightgown hiked up around her naked hips and her hand between her legs was nearly insufferable.  “What do you think about when you touch yourself?”  He sounded as if a noose had been tightened around his neck, compressing his windpipe.
   “You,” she said without missing a beat.  “In my mind, I replay all of the things we’ve done.  Sometimes I add more to it.”
   Dear God.  “Like what?”
   He heard her breath catch, and it brought a smile to his lips.  “Come on, sweet Meg.  You can’t get shy on me now.”
   “Well.  Instead of telling you, why don’t I just…show you?  Next week, I mean.”
   A quiet groan escaped him.  “You’re killing me, sweetheart.  Next week is an entire eternity away.”

~ About the Author ~

 Renae Kelleigh is originally from the Midwest but now lives in the mountains of North Carolina with her husband, dog and rabbit. Besides reading and writing, she also enjoys hiking and photography.

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