Loving Nate by Janice G. Ross

Title: Loving Nate
Author: Janice G. Ross
Publisher: Cultural Cocktails

Release Date: February 7, 2014
Language: English
Genre: Contemporary, Multicultural


Loving NateLoving Nate by Janice Ross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

There are some stories you read and forget but some stories lives with you, Loving Nate is one such story which makes you think “what if”.
This wonderful novella is a story about a young beautiful, sassy, confident woman Leah who falls in love with Mr. Perfect aka her boss aka Nate. Nate is a typo man - handsome, charismatic, confident and know how and when to use his charm. When Leah fell hard for him he started disappearing but he has instilled such a faith in Leah that she loved him across boundaries and accepted everything without any questions. Sounds familiar? To me it does.
Now comes “what if” the two probable endings (not going to tell about it, won’t be a buzz killer), where Ms. Ross leaves us with two probable possibilities, what we want the Leah in almost all of us to decide.
In the end it made me think, is it right to fall in love so hard and loose sense, to let our guards go down so that what we call “love” be reciprocated by pain and we endure it as we aren’t left with any other alternative knowing that it’s a joke on us.
Before I start reading this amazing novella once again and my mind get captivated by Leah’s emotions I will suggest Hurry up! Get your copy! It’s amazing and a must read!

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